24 Ore di Torino — Lessons learnt

Simen Holvik
6 min readMar 21, 2024


Unstructured notes from my Torino race. To be used as a reference for myself for my next race. I ended at just over 246 kilometers.

What did work out well?

  • Underwear. I have changed into using “classic” underwear to reduce chafing. Worked out really well. Classic organic cotton from Dressmann.
  • Fuel and hydration (see separate section).
  • Shoes: Altra Vanish carbon (I did not change)
  • Socks: Injinji wool mid high socks (I did not change)
  • Gore Tex jacket. Worked out, but should be replaced with new model. Getting old. I got wet, but not cold.
  • Shorts from Sherpa shorts from T8 worked out OK. I did not use the bib holders, but instead a race belt. Used the pockets for my phone
  • Cap
  • Break-up meal of Chicken noodles and Pasta bolognese worked out perfect. In a pot. Ate while running.
  • Did not sit down a single time.
  • Did not change any underwear, socks, or shoes.
  • Had a good flow in the begining.
  • Wet wipes “back there” worked out good.
  • Weight in before and after race
  • Urine testing during race
  • Crew
  • Crutches after race (not only helped me with walking at the airport gates, but I was treated with first class service, jumping the queue).

What did not work out?

  • Coros Apex 2 watch stopped half way for no reason. Then I had to restart a session, before it stopped again. Then with information about only 5% battery life left (even if it was fully charged before start). Need to figure out why. Same happened at previous race. → 22/5 update. Have now replaced the old watch with a brand new Coros Apex 2 Pro.
  • Gloves for rainy weather. I need real waterproff gloves that can be warm and water resistant for 20 hours of heavy rain. What I had was extremely cold
  • Peeing too much the first hours. → Replace the two cup of coffee before start, with coffein pills.
  • GI issues the first hours. Need to look into why. Suspect that this is related to the heavy PSMF (protein sparing modified fast) diet following with three days of massive 860 gram per day carbohydrate loading. Need to go more into this issue.
  • Legs fadded at the end. Due to very cold and wet weather — or muscle fattigue? Or mental? → Have longer runs at specific race pace?
  • Apple watch does not work with You Tube music, so I had to use iPhone (with Airpods) when listing to music. Not a good option. Too heavy (240g + 10g) . → 22/5 update: For music, I will convert my favorite albums to mp3 and transfer to my Coros Apex 2 pro and use with Apple Airpods.

Fuel and nutrition

Notes from Precision fuel and hydration:

Eighteen PF 30 Chews, 12 Electrolyte Capsules, twenty four PF 30 Gels and over eight litres (283 oz) of PF Carb & Electrolyte Drink Mix, Simen averaged ~70g of carb per hour. This was just below his pre-race target of ~75g/h, although he still perceived his energy levels as a perfect 10 (out of 10) despite the nineteen hours of relentless rain to battle

When it came to his hydration, Simen knows based on his Sweat Test result that he loses ~1310 milligrams of sodium per litre (32 oz) of sweat. Using this as a baseline for his electrolyte replacement strategy, alongside real time urine osmolality readings, the team were able to dial his fluid volume up and down effectively. His pre and post race body weight measurements suggest this approach resulted in enough fluid replacement and retention for him to not experience any performance limiting effects of dehydration

He also nailed his caffeine intake, with six PF 30 Caffeine Gels, each containing 100 milligrams. He abstained from these until night time, when he felt he would need the biggest ergogenic boost. Then, spread them out evenly until the end to ensure he would experience maximal focus and reduced perception of effort


Each lap was 1013 meter long. For the first six hours, even including several toilet breaks — I was on schedule with more than 70 kilomters. (At 5:57:49,00 I had 72 936 meters). But when the rain started to be more and more heavy, my speed dropped (as shown in below graph). At the end of the second six hour block (11:54:47,00) I had 64 832 meters. Then 56 728 meters and 51 663 meters for the third and fourth six hour block.

Carb loading

  • Three days before the race I carb loaded with 12 gram per kilogram mass weight. Based on discussion with PH, it turned out that that carb loading might have been a bit too high. Try to reduce to 8–10 (or maybe 9) g/kg body mass. My GI issues at the start could be caused by too much crap food at the days before. Including more protein and fat as planned.
  • For the next race; in addition to reduce to 9 g/kg, avoid cake etc., and do more sipping on drink mix. And again, be more focused on plain carb, and try to avoid protein and fat.
  • Do not attend social dinner (as done for this race). If needed, make sure to eat before — and have someting simple at the dinner.
  • Need to train the carb loading process.

Carb depletion

  • I did a massive carb delation before starting the three days of carb loading.
  • Below graph show body mass weight after the carb loading.
  • For next race, skip the carb depletion (PSMF, protein-sparing modified fast (diet). Eat as normal.

Too much peeing

  • Most likely casued by too much fluid the day before, too much at race day, nerves and too much caffeine.
  • Next time; at race day breakfast — replace one (of the two coffees with a caffeine pills)
  • Beware of fluid target at the day before and race day (only drink till thirst, and do not force down).
  • At race day morning, start drinking the 500ml with PH1500 90 minutes before race and finish 45 minutes before race start
  • Make sure that pee before race.

Other items

  • Gadget like the urin analyzer, CGM and Core body temp is not something I will introduce in my crew setup.
  • Bet aproach to analyze sweat rate / hydration is during training with body mass weight and ins and outs.
  • The real food, the chicked noodles, tasted very hot (even if that is a medium taste). For next time, make sure to flush mouth with water before eating real food to get rid of the sweat.



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