Fat Ox 48 hours

Project document / race plan

Simen Holvik
12 min readNov 6


Fat Ox Endurance race is a fixed time race stating November 17th in Phoenix, Arizona. Race website here.

0. Race strategy

  • Look at this as two 24 hour races
  • First day, aim for 250–260 km. Not 230 or 270 (do not do the normal sprint at the end).
  • Get a good flow
  • do not change shoes or sit down

1. Sponsors

You can donate to this project at:

  • Vipps #662995 (Norway only)
  • PayPal at this link.

2. Records

  • Norwegian: Trond Sjåvik (Bislett, 2015) 357,919 km (222,401 mi). 226 laps at Fat Ox. Note: The Norwegian Athletics (NFIF) follows WA and does not keep track of 48 hours records (only 100 km and 24 hours). The only avilable overview is the one from Kondis.no at this link.
  • Nordic: Stein Orsvärn SWE (2018) 393,984 km (244,810 mi). 248 laps at Fat Ox. (He has written two articles from that race, one about the preparations and another about the actual race.)
  • European: Yiannis Kouros GRE (1985) 452,279 km (281,033 mi). 285 laps at Fat Ox.
  • IAU 48 hours (M) 45 age group: Yiannis Kouros GRE (Surgeres, FRA, 2004) 443,337 km (275,477 mi). (At the age of 48 years.) 278 laps at Fat Ox.
  • IAU 48 hours (M) World best performance (WBP): Yiannis Kouros AUS (Surgeres, FRA, 1996) 473,495 km (294,216 mi) (Note: Kouros had dual citizenship at that point of time?!?) (At this race Kouros was at the age of 40 years.) This distance corresponds to 298 laps at Fat Ox.



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