Spartathlon 2023

Race plan

Simen Holvik
10 min readAug 10, 2023

This document will serve as a project document for the 42nd Spartathlon race. As a note to self and for crew (and for others that might find this interesting). A document with all the details relevant for this project. To make sure that I outline the race strategy (for myself), the gear list, nutrition place etc etc. Note: This document will continuously be updated.

Race profile. Two main challenges; 1.) The uphill stretch from C/P #43 at Lyrkia, the mountain pass and then down to Sagas and 2.) Make sure to have fast legs for the last 20 km.

1. How to support the project?

  • Crowdfunding at GoFundMe
  • VIPPS number 662995
  • PayPal donation at this link.



Running for GTI Friidrettsklubb.

2. Goal

  • Sub 21 hours
  • Average 5:00 min/km (but aim for…



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